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Nerello Mascalese Wine

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The Italian Red Wine Sangiovese

Made from the best wine grapes from around the world. Learn more about Sangiovese grapes while you taste our classic wine collection.

Sangiovese is a red wine grape variety from Italy which gets its name from the Latin Sanguis Jovis, which means “the blood of Jupiter.


Valpolicella is a system of valleys between Lake Garda and the Lessini Mountains. Amarone is its most famous fruit.

New Frontiers

A graceful, very modern wine, which has all the credentials to transform itself into the new indispensable classic of anyone who wants to drink Sicilian.


2001 is the first vintage that imposed the modern Docg structure on the world stage. How did it stand the test of time?

The Vertical

South Tyrol is a land of great whites. The Cantina di Terlano has enhanced the characteristics of a unique terroir, with wines that defy the decades.

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Italian Wine

  • Simple
  • Versatile
  • Thorough
  • The Great Beauty


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