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The 10 Best Cigar Humidors

Over 17 million U.S. adults smoke cigars, according to a government study. You may occasionally smoke a stogie with friends after dinner, even if you’re not a regular smoker. Perhaps you keep a stash of cigars for a special occasion, or maybe you enjoy smoking cigars daily. Even non-smokers sometimes enjoy an after-dinner cigar. Regardless ... Read more


The 10 Best Wine Aerators

Using the best wine aerators will make your red wine taste better and smell better. And the best news? You can achieve this without needing to wait hours for the bottle to breathe in a decanter. If you drink cheap wine, it will make it much more drinkable. If you drink decent wine, aerating it ... Read more


The 10 Best Wine Decanters

If you’re new to wine, you’ll soon discover that you need some simple equipment to help you enjoy your vino at its very best. One of the cheapest and also one of the most indispensable pieces of kit is a wine decanter. Today, we’ll highlight the top 10 decanters in a variety of shapes, styles, ... Read more


The 12 Best Corkscrews

If you have just started drinking and collecting wine, you’ll soon discover you need a fair amount of equipment. For starters, it pays to invest in a wine cooler so you can keep your favorites reds and whites chilled at the optimum temperature. If you need to keep both reds and whites for short-term consumption, ... Read more


The 14 Best Wine Racks

If you’re new to wine collecting, you’ll soon come to understand the importance of storing your bottles correctly. The temperature should be controlled and consistent, with both red wines and white wines requiring slightly different temperatures for drinking, but for long-term storage, store both wines at 50F. You’ll also need to ensure that no harsh ... Read more


Different Types of Red Wine

Winemakers have access to over a thousand potential varieties of grapes so it’s no surprise there are so many different types of red wine. The three most popular single-varietal red wines are: Cabernet sauvignon Merlot Syrah/Shiraz These wines are made using a single variety of grape. We’ll showcase the top 10 single-varietal red wines below. ... Read more


What Kind of Wine Goes with Pizza?

Whether you’re enjoying pizza delivered to your home or you’re heading to your favorite Italian restaurant, nothing complements a slice of pizza like a glass of the right wine. Unfortunately, pizza comes with so many variations in sauces and toppings that it can be challenging to choose the right wine pairing. Some quick tips before ... Read more


How to Make Homemade Strawberry Wine

You will find many purists among wine drinkers and winemakers who believe grapes are the only fruit suitable for homemade wine. Here at Slow Wine Magazine, we respect the opinions of purists, but we are also open to experimenting with a wider variety of alcoholic beverages than red, whites, and champagnes. Strawberry wine is a ... Read more


What Are Tannins in Red Wine?

Anyone new to the world of wine collecting is likely to encounter tannins. As you’ll soon discover, there are many different ways to describe wine, and wine lovers used the term tannins to describe the following qualities in wine: Bitterness Dryness Astringency You’ll typically find tannins in red wine. Tannins deliver the opposite effect of ... Read more


How to Make Sangria with White Wine

With summer well underway, you might be looking to expand your repertoire of drinks. Sangria is a crisp and refreshing reputed to come from Spain. As you’ll discover, though, this is a myth. Today’s recipe will break down the process of making sangria using white wine and a handful of simple, inexpensive ingredients. Not only ... Read more


How to Make Muscadine Wine

Imagine a wine fragrant, full-bodied, and also beneficial for your health. With today’s brief guide to making muscadine wine, we’ll show you how to turn a superfood loaded with antioxidants into a rich and rewarding beverage. Not only does the skin of the muscadine grape contain more fiber than rice bran or oats, but they’re ... Read more


How to Make Dandelion Wine

Learning how to make dandelion wine is straightforward. The most difficult aspect of creating this tantalizing beverage at home is having the patience to wait for the lengthy fermentation process to take effect. This can take up to two years. While dandelions might look bright and vibrant, they are actually weeds that pop up all ... Read more


What is Port Wine and How to Drink It

  Port wine, typically abbreviated to port, is one of the most popular after-dinner drinks worldwide. Today’s guide will help you discover what port is. We’ll also highlight the many different types of this sweet digestif so you can pick the right one for you. We will round out with some serving tips to help ... Read more


What is a Wine Aerator and How to Aerate Your Wine

If you plan to collect wine at home, you’ll need more than a wine cooler, a corkscrew, and a few glasses. Most wines taste better after aeration, so how can you carry out this process? To kick off, you’ll need a wine aerator. What is a Wine Aerator? A wine aerator is a term used ... Read more


How to Decant Your Wine

Many wines need decanting if you want to enjoy them at their best. The most common method of achieving this is to use a wine decanter, although this is not the only way of aerating your favorite red wines. Any glass or crystal container into which you can pour your wine before serving is classified ... Read more


What is a Wine Decanter?

If you’re new to collecting wine, you’ll need more than a cooler and corkscrew. Today’s guide will show how why you should decant wine and how to get the best results when you’re aerating red wine. Let’s get started with a basic definition of a wine decanter. What is a Wine Decanter? A wine decanter ... Read more