Wine Coolers


The 15 Best Wine and Beverage Coolers for Storing Mixed Drinks

Summer is once again underway and it’s a time of year when you want to ensure you have a continuous supply of chilled drinks. Unfortunately, storing drinks – especially wine – in the kitchen refrigerator is not a wise idea. A regular fridge chills ats temperatures too cold for storing wine at its best. Beyond ... Read more


The 11 Best Built-in Wine Coolers

For anyone who wants to keep wine for regular consumption or long-term storage, built-in wine coolers provide a space-saving solution. You should avoid storing wine in a regular refrigerator. The temperature and humidity levels are both unsuitable for wine storage, Additionally, storing bottles of wine upright means the cork will not be in contact with ... Read more


The 12 Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Wine might be remarkably easy to drink, but storing wine effectively is much more challenging. You should avoid storing wine in the refrigerator as the temperature and humidity levels are both unsuitable. Additionally, storing wine upright causes the cork to dry and shrink. Wine bottles should be stored horizontally so the cork is in contact ... Read more