Slow Wine Guide

The annual Slow Wine guide adopts a new approach to wine criticism, taking into consideration the wine quality, adherence to terroir, value for money and environmental sensitivity. In our English version we review more than 2,500 wines and 300 cellars, offering a comprehensive guide of Italian wines (also available in German and Italian).


The description of each winery in the guide covers three key areas – Life, Vineyards and Wines – to introduce readers to the people behind the wine production and their vineyards, and finally, to the wines. A series of symbols identify outstanding achievement in different areas.


For the wineries:

The Snail, to signal a cellar that has distinguished itself through its interpretation of sensorial, territorial, environmental and personal values in harmony with the Slow Food philosophy;

The Bottle, allocated to cellars that show a consistent high quality throughout the range of wines presented for tastings;

The Coin, an indicator of good value for money.


For the wines:

Slow Wines, which, besides excellent sensory characteristics, manage to distil the character of their terroir, history and environment in the glass;

Great Wines, which possess the absolute sensory quality;

Everyday Wines, bottles at the standard price level that present excellent value for money.



Slow Wine 2016: A Year in the Life of Italy’s Vineyards and Wines. COMING SOON!

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Slow Wine 2015: A Year in the Life of Italy’s Vineyards and Wines.






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