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Is Lamarca Prosecco Vegan

Lamarca prosecco is light and delicious sparkling wine that hails from the Italian Prosecco region. Today’s guide highlights whether or not this effervescent beverage is vegan-friendly. We also explore some alternatives to this sparkling wine and examine whether prosecco and other sparkling wines are typically vegan. Lamarca Prosecco 101 As a traditionally made sparkling wine, ... Read more


The 10 Best Cigar Humidors

Over 17 million U.S. adults smoke cigars, according to a government study. You may occasionally smoke a stogie with friends after dinner, even if you’re not a regular smoker. Perhaps you keep a stash of cigars for a special occasion, or maybe you enjoy smoking cigars daily. Even non-smokers sometimes enjoy an after-dinner cigar. Regardless ... Read more


The 10 Best Wine Aerators

Using the best wine aerators will make your red wine taste better and smell better. And the best news? You can achieve this without needing to wait hours for the bottle to breathe in a decanter. If you drink cheap wine, it will make it much more drinkable. If you drink decent wine, aerating it ... Read more


The 10 Best Wine Decanters

If you’re new to wine, you’ll soon discover that you need some simple equipment to help you enjoy your vino at its very best. One of the cheapest and also one of the most indispensable pieces of kit is a wine decanter. Today, we’ll highlight the top 10 decanters in a variety of shapes, styles, ... Read more


The 12 Best Corkscrews

If you have just started drinking and collecting wine, you’ll soon discover you need a fair amount of equipment. For starters, it pays to invest in a wine cooler so you can keep your favorites reds and whites chilled at the optimum temperature. If you need to keep both reds and whites for short-term consumption, ... Read more


The 14 Best Wine Racks

If you’re new to wine collecting, you’ll soon come to understand the importance of storing your bottles correctly. The temperature should be controlled and consistent, with both red wines and white wines requiring slightly different temperatures for drinking, but for long-term storage, store both wines at 50F. You’ll also need to ensure that no harsh ... Read more


Different Types of Red Wine

Winemakers have access to over a thousand potential varieties of grapes so it’s no surprise there are so many different types of red wine. The three most popular single-varietal red wines are: Cabernet sauvignon Merlot Syrah/Shiraz These wines are made using a single variety of grape. We’ll showcase the top 10 single-varietal red wines below. ... Read more


What Kind of Wine Goes with Pizza?

Whether you’re enjoying pizza delivered to your home or you’re heading to your favorite Italian restaurant, nothing complements a slice of pizza like a glass of the right wine. Unfortunately, pizza comes with so many variations in sauces and toppings that it can be challenging to choose the right wine pairing. Some quick tips before ... Read more


How to Make Homemade Strawberry Wine

You will find many purists among wine drinkers and winemakers who believe grapes are the only fruit suitable for homemade wine. Here at Slow Wine Magazine, we respect the opinions of purists, but we are also open to experimenting with a wider variety of alcoholic beverages than red, whites, and champagnes. Strawberry wine is a ... Read more


What Are Tannins in Red Wine?

Anyone new to the world of wine collecting is likely to encounter tannins. As you’ll soon discover, there are many different ways to describe wine, and wine lovers used the term tannins to describe the following qualities in wine: Bitterness Dryness Astringency You’ll typically find tannins in red wine. Tannins deliver the opposite effect of ... Read more


How to Make Sangria with White Wine

With summer well underway, you might be looking to expand your repertoire of drinks. Sangria is a crisp and refreshing reputed to come from Spain. As you’ll discover, though, this is a myth. Today’s recipe will break down the process of making sangria using white wine and a handful of simple, inexpensive ingredients. Not only ... Read more


How to Make Muscadine Wine

Imagine a wine fragrant, full-bodied, and also beneficial for your health. With today’s brief guide to making muscadine wine, we’ll show you how to turn a superfood loaded with antioxidants into a rich and rewarding beverage. Not only does the skin of the muscadine grape contain more fiber than rice bran or oats, but they’re ... Read more


How to Make Dandelion Wine

Learning how to make dandelion wine is straightforward. The most difficult aspect of creating this tantalizing beverage at home is having the patience to wait for the lengthy fermentation process to take effect. This can take up to two years. While dandelions might look bright and vibrant, they are actually weeds that pop up all ... Read more


What is Port Wine and How to Drink It

  Port wine, typically abbreviated to port, is one of the most popular after-dinner drinks worldwide. Today’s guide will help you discover what port is. We’ll also highlight the many different types of this sweet digestif so you can pick the right one for you. We will round out with some serving tips to help ... Read more


What is a Wine Aerator and How to Aerate Your Wine

If you plan to collect wine at home, you’ll need more than a wine cooler, a corkscrew, and a few glasses. Most wines taste better after aeration, so how can you carry out this process? To kick off, you’ll need a wine aerator. What is a Wine Aerator? A wine aerator is a term used ... Read more


How to Decant Your Wine

Many wines need decanting if you want to enjoy them at their best. The most common method of achieving this is to use a wine decanter, although this is not the only way of aerating your favorite red wines. Any glass or crystal container into which you can pour your wine before serving is classified ... Read more


What is a Wine Decanter?

If you’re new to collecting wine, you’ll need more than a cooler and corkscrew. Today’s guide will show how why you should decant wine and how to get the best results when you’re aerating red wine. Let’s get started with a basic definition of a wine decanter. What is a Wine Decanter? A wine decanter ... Read more


The 15 Best Wine and Beverage Coolers for Storing Mixed Drinks

Summer is once again underway and it’s a time of year when you want to ensure you have a continuous supply of chilled drinks. Unfortunately, storing drinks – especially wine – in the kitchen refrigerator is not a wise idea. A regular fridge chills ats temperatures too cold for storing wine at its best. Beyond ... Read more


The 11 Best Built-in Wine Coolers

For anyone who wants to keep wine for regular consumption or long-term storage, built-in wine coolers provide a space-saving solution. You should avoid storing wine in a regular refrigerator. The temperature and humidity levels are both unsuitable for wine storage, Additionally, storing bottles of wine upright means the cork will not be in contact with ... Read more


The 12 Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Wine might be remarkably easy to drink, but storing wine effectively is much more challenging. You should avoid storing wine in the refrigerator as the temperature and humidity levels are both unsuitable. Additionally, storing wine upright causes the cork to dry and shrink. Wine bottles should be stored horizontally so the cork is in contact ... Read more


Slow Wine USA Tour: Who’s Coming

The complete list of good, clean and fair Italian winemakers exhibiting at the Slow Wine presentations in the USA, hand-picked from the Slow Wine Guide 2016


Slow Wine 2016 World Tour

The Slow Wine editorial team and selected Italian winemakers hit the road to Asia, North America and Europe to present the 2016 guide


Slow Wine Guide 2016: The Great Tasting

Next month under the neoclassical arcade in Tuscany’s Montecatini Terme, we launch our 2016 guide with a tasting of 1,000 wines along with their 600 producers. Get your ticket now!


Italy’s Top Slow Wineries

As a preview to the release of the Slow Wine Guide 2016, we share our shortlist of Italian wineries recognized for their exceptional quality and adherence to the Slow Food philosophy...


A Georgian Wine Maker in Milan

In one of the world’s oldest wine regions, Ramaz Nikoladze continues an ancient tradition—making wine in amphorae—and will be coming to Slow Food’s #WeFeedthePlanet event at Expo next week…


The Drunken Cheese

Covered in grape pomace left over from local wine production, some of Veneto’s traditional cheeses started life as a way to hide food during WW1…


Sweet and Smokey

In Umbria, a rare and unique vin santo born from the marriage of the sweet wine and the Toscano cigar today risks extinction…


Monica and Beer, A Family Affair

The story of one of our ‘’heroes of the future’, one of the thousands of young producers who will be coming to Expo in Milan for Slow Food’s youth meeting…



From Tuscany’s internationally adored Brunello di Montalcino to a little corner of Friuli that Merlot has made home, our latest issue continues to explore the enological treasures of the peninsula…


Vineyard Slaves

Our inquiry into illegal employment and worker exploitation in the Piedmontese winegrowing sector…


The Last Polish Mead

In a milieu of industrial imitations, one family continues to produce honey wine the traditional way…


Slow Beer Mexico

With a focus on consumer education and locally produced ingredients, Slow Food in Mexico launches a new campaign to promote quality craft beer in a market dominated by homogenous, industrial products…


Wine and Feeding the Planet

Expo 2015 asks the big question of how to feed a growing population. But what’s wine got to do with it?


Beer Meets Fish

How make a stellar pairing between seafood dishes and artisanal brew…


Nebbiolo from the Terraces

In the mountainous northern corner of Piedmont, Carema, a 600-year-old wine, teeters on the brink of extinction…


Barbera, All Grown Up

The creation of Nizza DOCG, a new appellation for Barbera wine in Piedmont, marks the variety’s three-decade metamorphosis from farmhouse staple to elegant, internationally recognized wine…



At Slow Fish (Genoa, May 14 – 17), we embrace the uncommon pairing of beer and fish. Discover some of Italy’s best craft brewers who will be there…


Slow Wine at Expo

Slow Food brings the diversity of Italy’s wines, grapes and winemakers to Milan…


Slow Wine Magazine Issue #5 Now Online

From the Cinque Terre to Tuscany, Campania to Alto Adige, our latest issue recounts an Italy that continues to surprise us, both with its indigenous grape varieties as with its international ones…


Does Italy Have Regional Beer?

In a country of centuries-old local culinary and winemaking traditions, Italian craft beer is the new kid on the block, but is also growing regional roots…


Calling all Young Winemakers!

Our appeal to young producers: Join us at Expo in Milan along with farmers and food producers to meet and share your ideas of how to feed the planet…


Vinitaly: Our 5 Worries

With only a few days until Italy’s most important international wine fair, a handful of issues weigh on our minds…


Slow Food at Expo

Slow Food announces its presence at Expo 2015, to highlight the essential role of biodiversity and young producers in feeding the planet…


The Nature of Natural Wine

Buzzword, fad or innovative philosophy? A UNISG graduate sheds some light on the natural wine movement…


Slow Wine in New York

Join us and 73 Italian winemakers at the Slow Wine Tasting event on February 2 & 3…


Who’s Coming?

The complete list of good, clean and fair Italian winemakers exhibiting at the Slow Wine presentations in North America, hand-picked from the Slow Wine Guide 2015…


Slow Wine on American Soil

The Slow Wine editors along with 100 Italian producers recommended in the guide (and their wines!) hit the road to L.A., San Francisco, New York and Montreal to present the 2015 guide…


A Toast to Victory

A ban preventing Italian winemakers from listing the place of origin of their wines is lifted…


Santa Claus’s Vineyards

Chianti, Bordeaux and...Oslo? Climate change is remapping the borders of the winemaking world…


Terra Madre Day 2014

On December 10, the Slow Food network celebrates local food (and drink!) around the world with hundreds of unique events. It’s not too late to join the fun!


Invisible Wineries

On January 1, Italian winemakers will carry out a nation-wide act of civil disobedience, by listing the place of origin of their wines, currently regulated by EU law. Carlo Petrini expresses his solidarity…


Russia: Wine in Crisis Time

At the Slow Wine presentation in Moscow, we discover a less-than-rosy picture for the country’s wine market…


Pilgrimage to Areni

The oldest winery in history, dating back 6,000 years, was discovered in an Armenian village in 2007, a geographic location that prompted the global spread of the vine…


Made in Italy but not by Italians

Barolo wine made by Macedonians, fruit grown by North Africans... What would happen to Italy’s local specialties without immigrants to keep them going? Tough questions asked at a Salone del Gusto conference...


Old, White Italians

A Slow Wine-organized taste workshop busts the myth that Italian white wines aren’t fit for aging...


182 Slow Wineries

We share with you our list of Italian wineries recognized by the 2015 Slow Wine guide for their exceptional wines and adherence to the Slow Food philosophy...