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Slow Wine in New York

Join us and 73 Italian winemakers at the Slow Wine Tasting event on February 2 & 3…
by George D. Utz

A winery is one of the best places to be when you are looking to spend a day away from home. There are many people who are trying to place special events which can allow one to get access to the whole process of the winemaking. This is one of the most charming ways to spend the evening well.

Get an empty box for wine

When you are in a winery, you are going to buy a local wine for the rest of the days. You need to make sure that you are carrying them well as there is a possibility that they have the right kind of bootle for each day. Getting a box will make sure that you are carrying it well and do not have to deal with broken wine bottles.


Have a designated driver

There is a huge possibility that you will be tasting wine, and there is a chance that the taste might add up. This will allow you to be responsible when driving. There is also a chance that you will have to encounter a lot of wine regions which will require you a vehicle to travel.

Take kids

When you are planning to take the kids with you, you need to make sure that you are finding something to take with them. Taking rooms can be boring for the kids, and it is important that you have the right activities which will keep them engaged. You can bring in Rubic’s cube, Play-doh, colouring books etc., to keep them occupied.

Go early

A winery can be a fun place to chat with people, but the owner of small wineries have little to no time to talk. If you are going in the morning, you will find a good slot where you can talk to the winemaker, allowing you to understand everything better.


Focus on smaller places

You need to make sure that you are visiting smaller wine places which will allow you to see the quality time and the procedure they follow to make the same wine which is sold behind the bar. Big places, although offer a parking lot, T-shirts and help small places can show you the real winemaking process.

Be polite

This is an obvious one where you can visit hundreds of tasting rooms, but you need to not be rude. In a small winery, they are likely to be a part of someone else’s home, which requires you to be nice to the owners. You are getting the wine for free or for a small change which is why it is important to show some respect to the winemaker regarding the skills and the process.